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Serviform in ESU Technology Forum 2017



2017 ESU Technology Forum

Serviform’s ‘Diemakers Performance Crew’:
Get to know the power of a strong team!

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,
With our first newsletter dedicated to the ESU Technology Forum 2017 (Luxembourg, 15-16 September 2017), we introduced you to our ‘Diemakers Performance Crew’. Today we want to offer you a closer glance to this particular group of people who are the real power under Serviform’s motor hood.

Our winning team is made of two very motivated groups of people: a number of tough experts from the HQ in Caravaggio, where we think, design, build sell and ship our products and our very competent international Agents, through whom we distribute them all over the world. The Serviform’s ‘Diemakers Performance Crew’ not only is oriented to the results, we are driven by it. What distinguishes us from other organizations, is our efficiency, which is linked also to our smart organization.

When we talk about ‘smart organization’, we do not refer to a diagram or similar theoretical structures invented by some bright and illuminated professor. We are straight-to – the – point – kind of persons who are well aware that time is very precious to our customers. Many years of experience on the field taught us that customers eventually like the story telling, but what they reward with loyalty are facts and quick reaction. The Serviform’s Diemakers Performance Crew first of all listens to the customer needs, refer them rapidly to the right persons who do not hesitate to transforming them in powerful actions. This, of course, includes also the after sales process, a very important moment for any customer!

Efficacy and Smart Organization however cannot work without a sound internal understanding. When you hear of the Serviform’s ‘Diemakers Performance Crew’, we want you to think of an engine, a machine that converts energy into mechanical force or motion. To make it work smoothly, any part of it has to do its job in a perfect way, taking the power from one component and convoying it to the next one, in great harmony. This means also that who designs the engine is able to choose the right parts, knows when to put fuel and what kind of fuel to add. This ‘internal understanding’ which is crucial for our performance, is what we also transmit also to our products: thanks to the dedicated software which was developed entirely by ourselves, all are connected in order to synchronize the entire production process.

What we want you to understand is that you can look for the best machines on the market (ours are among them), but when you buy a Serviform product, you package is much larger than the summary of parts which compose an intelligent, reliable and performing machine: it is our team, the Serviform’s ‘Diemakers Performance Crew’, which takes care of you not as a number, but as a professional who needs to be competitive and strong.

Get to know us at the ESU Technology Forum 2017 – Booth D7!

We are looking forward to welcoming you at ESU Technology Forum and, keeping on with the tradition we started in 2006, offering you a genuine Italian Espresso, because you know, Italians do it better.

All the best,
Team Serviform

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