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The best at ESU Technology Forum



2017 ESU Technology Forum

Serviform’s ‘Diemakers Performance Crew’:
The best at ESU Technology Forum

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,
As you all know, in a few days ESU Technology Forum (Luxembourg, 15-16 September 2017), will open its doors to the 2017 edition, where our ‘Diemakers Performance Crew’ is ready to show you the best of Serviform’s product range. Previously we described why the team is so powerful, in this edition we want to reveal some of its most resonant values. Discover now what they are.

Quality: Good is never good enough to Serviform‘s Diemakers Performance Crew. We not only manufacture excellent products, which is an asset. We especially care about the whole customer experience, referring to the total of all experiences the customer has with Serviform.
Efficiency: we live for competency in performance and stand for optimization of time and effort. This is what our customers appreciate most: to get best service in a very short time frame!
Know-How: Serviform’s Diemakers Performance Crew is a very well prepared group of persons. Each member of the team seeks for perfection within his role and always tries to understand our customer needs.
Tuning: our Diemakers Performance Crew is made of an important number of persons who think and act locally as well as globally. Thanks to our internal tuning, we succeed in speaking one single, very clear language to all our customers.
Coordination: when our Diemakers Performance Crew starts the engine, the driver sets the direction and puts the right gear at the right time. The result? Try to join the race… Ready to compete?
Quality, Efficiency, Know-How, Tuning and Coordination: you can find a real expression of all these values also within our machines which will be present on our booth D7: EcoPlus, our latest bender which gives you more speed and reliability; RubbA, the rubber cutting machine which helps you to save running costs; RotaNeXt, our technology champion, a benchmark for automatic rotary bender; IntegrA CS, our brand new intelligent workstation which can be perfectly integrated within the internal organization of the production process thanks to the SDDS Serviform Software.

Come to visit us at the ESU Technology Forum 2017 – Booth D7!

Our Diemakers Performance Crew will be happy to welcome you with a ‘spinning’ gift, which gives you a good feeling of how smooth and fast things can ‘roll’ when frictions are reduced. Of course you will not miss a genuine Italian Espresso, because you know, Italians do it better.

All the best,
Team Serviform

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